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How to build react-native android CI/CD pipeline using Github Actions + Ms AppCenter

24 Mar 2022 - Tharindu Ketipearachchi

Continuously deploying mobile applications is more complicated than back end applications, and tend to require more manual steps. For the Android platform, you can use GitHub Actions with Ms AppCenter to reduce some of this complexity. You will be able to implement full end to end pipeline from source code to Google play using this.

How to build react-native iOS CI/CD pipeline using Github Actions + Ms AppCenter

15 Mar 2022 - Tharindu Ketipearachchi

In our previous article we have explained about how to implement a react-native CI/CD pipeline for android. Here, we are going to discuss about how to do it for iOS. We are going to use the same tool set, GitHub Actions with Ms AppCenter.

How to setup data for repeatable API tests

01 Oct 2021 - Thujeevan Thurairajah

TL;DR: Unit tests will only help you catch logic errors, but not errors in the workflow. API level integration tests are the next best thing, but for those to run, you need actual databases and dependent APIs setup. Each test requires specific preconditions setup in the database. And most tests will change the database state (which has to be cleaned up afterwards). This article discusses how we do this at :Different.

Trunk based development with feature flags

13 Sep 2021 - Different Team

TL;DR: How to use feature flags to deploy to production rapidly without breaking things

Why you should learn Node.js

25 Mar 2021 - Hasitha Liyanage

Why you should really learn Node.js!

How to write a product outline

18 Nov 2020 - Hasitha Liyanage

If you think of the software development life cycle as a machine, then the inputs to the machine are the requirements. The output is working software. If your inputs are poor quality, then no matter how great the machine is, your output is going to be poor quality too. Garbage in; garbage out. So it stands to reason that any attempt to improve an engineering team’s output must start not with coding, testing or design, but with requirements.

How to make your sprints awesome

18 Oct 2020 - Hasitha Liyanage

“Making sprints awesome” is literally the name of the internal document that describes our engineering process in detail. It is an agile process that is inspired by SCRUM and the 12 Agile Principles. We are making it public!