Psst, here's how to pass our developer interview

Who are we?

  • A Sydney-based product company with true Silicon Valley DNA
  • Founded by ex leaders from Uber and Google
  • Backed by a multinational (CommBank), with $25 million series B
  • Building the "digital assistant for the home"
  • Using a modern stack: NodeJS, ReactJS, AWS, GraphQL, Terraform
  • With a great engineering culture
  • And best practices(agile, unit tests, CI/CD, IaC, code reviews etc.)
  • Where every employee gets company shares + a competitive salary pegged to AUD
  • And rapid career growth opportunities for high performers

What are we doing in Sri Lanka?

While our headquarters are in Sydney and our future target market is in the US, our founders have chosen Sri Lanka as the location for our main engineering center. Our goal is to build a team that can deliver products that rival Silicon Valley, and in the process set a new high bar for engineering excellence in Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka, we're on the 3rd floor of _HatchWorks_, Fort.

What is it like to work with us?

We use cutting edge web technologies - JavaScript (React.js, Node.js), GraphQL, AWS, Terraform, React Native etc. - to build a wide variety of web, mobile and backend systems that power our business. Our process is based directly on the 12 Agile Principles. Our culture is casual, friendly and is based on equal treatment of everyone. In our management, we try to be as transparent and as supportive as we can be towards every team member. We invest heavily in mentoring and career growth. Here are some pics of our brand new Sydney headquarters (not even finished decorating yet!)