:Different Technology

Tackling the trillion dollar global property management services market with state of the art tech

JavaScript (ES6) + TypeScript
React + React Native with React Hooks
Node + Express
AWS + Terraform + Jenkins
MongoDB + MySQL

Small user stories with clear acceptance criteria
High fidelity UI designs (Figma)
Drafts docs and designs shared with engineering for early feedback
Docs finalized before sprint planning

Every team has a dedicated product manager (PM) and designer
Daily stand-up (PM and designer joins engineers every day)
Backlog grooming meeting before every sprint planning. Team decides sprint commitment.
Retro meeting at the end of every sprint. Opportunity to learn from mistakes without blame
Engineers plan and track their own work with the help of tech lead and product manager (no project manager)
Weekly one-on-one feedback from your manager
No JIRA! We use ClickUp
Everyone (CTO, VP Eng, Product Manager, Team Lead) is only a slack message away

Engineers do their own technical designs, with the help of tech lead and CTO
Structured, but simple technical design process

All code pass lint rules before merging
All unit tests pass before pull requests are submitted or merged
All pull requests reviewed by at least one senior engineer

Unit tests for all business logic
Automated API tests
Full local dev environment setup available in docker form
Regression and production sanity tests
Automated end-to-end regression tests (Cypress.js) and daily automated smoke tests
Regular performance and fault tolerance testing

Unit tests and API tests run automatically in the CI/CD pipeline (Jenkins)
All infrastructure as code (Terraform)
All infrastructure changes happen automatically on merge of Terraform templates
Application and hardware resource monitoring (DataDog)